Watching videos on your computer can be easy or complex depending on what kind of video you want to watch. Video's come in different formats which describe their information in different ways. This means that your computer doesn't always know how to interpret a given format. In order to interpret a format, you need to have a "codec" for that format but with hundreds of formats, hundreds of codecs and hundreds of media players (each requiring a different codec), this can often get difficult.

This guide mainly details how to watch the vast majority of videos in the easiest possible way. Occasionally, this method will fail to work and you will find exceptions and fixes to this method, at the bottom.

Things You'll Need Edit

  • A media player. This page assumes you have VLC version 1.0.

Steps Edit

Not a lot of steps here. Just open any video you want to play with VLC media player and it should work. If it doesn't work, check out the exceptions.

Exceptions Edit

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